Windscreen Remove and Refit Service

This service is carried out for certain problems including leaking windscreens, wind noise and damaged window mechanisms. Great care is taken not to damage the glass in this process.

Vandalised rear window Donor Tailgate Removed and refitted Volvo before removal Volvo no visible glue line Volvo no primer applied Volvo glue pulled away from glass Volvo job completed

Wind Noise or Leaking Windscreen?

Don’t worry if you have a leaking or noisy windscreen, chances are that it has been poorly fitted previously or procedures have not been followed correctly during factory installation. Our technicians will assess the problem and advise on the best course of action. Often this will involve the removal of the windscreen and using the latest fibre cutting technology we endeavour to remove the glass damage free. After removal we can then confirm any underlying problems that need addressing. We will then rectify, clean up and reinstall your original windscreen. Our technicians are highly skilled in this process and will successfully remove the majority of glasses without failure but, if it has not been possible to save your original glass then we will source a new replacement and price accordingly.

How long will the Windscreen refit take?

As this is a more in-depth process typically it will take around an hour to safely remove the glass clean up and refit.

How much will the replacement cost?

Prices vary dependent on vehicle and glass specification (i.e. rain sensor, ADAS camera etc…)

Why choose Horizon Auto Glazing?

  • ATA registered technicians
  • Competative prices
  • Mobile service to home or office
  • Same or next day where possible
  • Majority of glass in stock now
  • New, quality glass used always!